Laura Klonowski

Laura Klonowski
is an accomplished and skilled music industry professional who has worked for multiple publications, artists, labels, and brands worldwide, 

With almost a decade of experience, Laura Klonowski has worked with artists such as Amber Van Day, Twinnie, Sabyna, Lawrent, Jack Hawitt, Jeff Cohen, Sarah Darling, Ward Thomas, labels including BMG, Universal, BBR, and music companies; namely; I KNOW A WOMANSound Collective, Scarlet River PR, and Lost Agency PR

Having worked for a number of publications on a freelance basis for several years, in 2020 Laura Klonowski launched her own brand and website; Music and Tour News which has been thriving ever since. 

Klonowski is the founder and editor of the website and is continuing to work within the industry across numerous sectors including Artist Management, PRSocial Media Production, and Music Distribution for a number of leading brands and artists within the industry. 





    Artist Management

    Label Assistance


    Creative Strategy

    Creative Writing

    Graphic Design

    Social Media Management


    I KNOW A WOMAN | Sound Collective | Twinnie | Lost Agency PR | Scarlet River PR | Universal | BMG | Sabyna | Ward Thomas | Music and Tour News | Amber Van Day | Sarah Darling | Jeff Cohen | Jack Hawitt | Lawrent | BBR

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