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Laura Recommends: Ward Thomas - Restless Minds

My favourite Country-Pop duo Ward Thomas are back! Twin sisters Catherine and Lizzy returned today (February 8th) with their sensational new album 'Restless Minds'. This record is like an open letter to the Millennial generation who feel stressed, anxious and or alone in this world.

Tracks such as 'Changing' 'Ain't That Easy', and 'It's Not Just Me' act as a reminder that the feelings you're currently experiencing are completely natural. It's a wonderful reminder as I, like a lot of other people often feel overwhelmed and alone as I struggle with certain issues.

Other tracks such as 'No Filter', 'Lie Like Me' and 'Rather Be Breathing' open up discussions about the affect Social Media is having on us as we constantly scroll past "perfect lives". I think we've all been trapped in a scrolling cycle at some point and it's so refreshing to hear people in the public eye being so open about this.  

Ward Thomas are being brave, honest and open with the lyrics on 'Restless Minds' while sonically it takes them to new heights. They deliver punchy crossover styles, soft ballads, and folk infused bangers. This album has everything and more. 

It inspires a generation while never standing still musically. So, if you're looking for some fantastic new music to listen to this week, look no further than Ward Thomas' new record 'Restless Minds'. You will not be disappointed.