Excellent work by a very talented young journalist" - PRB Media

"Laura's passion shines through in every word she writes. It's been inspiring as an artist to be interviewed by someone who really cares and puts the time into every question she asks. I'm always excited to hear her take on a new song or project. She's a true gem in this business" - Sarah Darling

"I have worked with Laura on many projects, Song of The Week, Roots Fest & more... It's always a pleasure working with Laura, always professional, calm and appreciative of the bigger picture. Highly recommend"
- Brandon Wright (Director of Twenty Roots Music)

"I've been working with Laura for practically 3 years now and she's the most helpful, fun and knowledgeable person that I know. Anything you need help with she's always got your back and she's an absolute lifesaver. Not only is she efficient and gets the job done but you also earn a friend for life" - Sabyna

"Working with Laura on my releases has always been a good experience. She is attentive, and it's clear when reading her music reviews she's really listened to the song and taken time to gather her opinions. She's very responsive to emails and always happy to help out. She is a must on my release list each time" - Jade Helliwell

"Laura is great to work with - she’s always very friendly and efficient to deal with. She comes up with great questions and all my artists have got on really well with her" - DediKATed PR

"Working with Laura has been such a pleasure. She is so professional and accommodating, bending over backwards to support musicians in all of their projects. From the very first email, she's been a champion of my music and shared everything that I put out. If it weren't for people like her in the world, songwriters wouldn't have a voice or a platform to reach new fans. It's because of her sacrifice of time and love for music that allows us to share our passions with the world and we are nothing without fans. So thank you Laura for being an advocate for up-and-coming songwriters and giving us a chance!" - Stu Basham

"Laura is one of the kindest people you will meet! She truly feels like my #1 fan. I without a doubt know that she is in my corner, cheering me on, even when it feels like no one else is! Putting your own heart and soul out there to the world in a song is a big deal. It’s vulnerable and can be scary. To know that Laura has my back and will share my music, DM me encouraging words, or just listen to my music means more to an artist than anything else. She is a pleasure to work with and is truly considered a great friend of mine. Even if we are thousands of miles apart. She does brilliant work and you can tell she really loves what she does" - Mackenzie Wasner

"I’ve been working with Laura for a few years now and each time she reviews a release of mine, she carefully crafts the most beautiful words that she then shares with her audience. Her love and support for musicians is truly unmatched. She really takes the time to listen to the songs and provides wonderful feedback while also being incredibly professional and I am truly honoured any time she reviews a release of mine" - Stephanie Ryann

"I have been working with Laura for just over a year, she is quick to respond and professional. Her reviews of my music have always been thought out, well-worded and (almost) personal; she really goes that extra mile" - Louise Parker

"Laura has been a great asset to my solo career. Her words in her articles are a real breath of fresh air. She really makes the reviews come to life and makes it very exciting for the reader. Her write-ups for Bios are truly outstanding, she has a very clear vision of the way she writes. A true talent that shouldn't be missed. After knowing her for a fair few months now, she's amazing. She has a true passion for music, is career-focused, and is a driven woman. Fun fact - Although we both live in the UK the first time we met was actually in Nashville at a cafe during CMA Fest 2022" - Thomas Kavanagh

From day one Laura was super friendly and responsive to work with. I began working with Laura when I started releasing my first two singles back in 2018 and she wrote excellent reviews for both "Delusional" and "Gotta Do" Her craftsmanship with words and ability to write engaging write-ups about the single and the artist came through. It is very clear she excels as a writer and her work is to the utmost professional level. She also is very diligent and timely with her turnarounds. With her attention to detail and diligence, there is nothing that Laura can't do! I also love her passion for music!" - Kirstie Kraus

"Laura has been one of my greatest ambassadors and cheerleaders over the years - from my days busking on the streets to playing CMA Fest in Nashville and beyond, Laura has been there. Her journalism is heartfelt and sincere. You feel her passion for writing and music in every article she does. I am so grateful to have her in my corner and documenting my adventures going forward. Laura is an absolute gem of a soul and genuinely cares about the people & artists she's writing about!" - Zoee

"Laura is a gem in the music industry. She takes time to truly learn about artists, diving into artists’ passions and the “why” behind the music. Laura’s reviews and interviews are thought-provoking, honest, and intellectually engaging. It’s always a privilege to get a call from Laura and discuss new music, artistic direction, and my life. She has personally gone above and beyond for me, making connections with festival promoters, and UK artists, offering tour slots, and more. Being an independent music publicist is an extremely difficult profession, but Laura puts her heart and soul behind everything she does and is a constant encouragement to not only me but a slew of artists around the globe" - Brady Lee

"Laura with Music and Tour News does a great job of providing people with information about new releases from lesser-known artists. In a space unnecessarily overfilled with news about the larger artists, Laura helps people discover new music" - Kevin Goodwin

"Working with Laura is effortless. I am always confident that Laura will return high-quality, thoughtful pieces of writing in a timely manner, and I have no problem endorsing what she does!" - Scarlet River PR

"I have been working with Laura since 2020 when I released my debut single. Laura has always been so kind from the start and has supported my music in every way she can. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and never fails to produce to brilliant reviews. Laura is very fast at writing her reviews and I appreciate the amount of detail she puts into her work. I hope to continue working with Laura in the future for more of my releases!" - Laura Beckwith

“Laura has always been incredibly professional and has an amazing music ear. Her knowledge of all music is what's needed for reviews and feedback. We trust she gives her honest and best opinion every time" - Jack & Tim

"Working with Laura was a delightful process from start to finish. Her questions are always unique and insightful and it was lovely to meet her in person in Nashville as well. I always enjoy reading her take on artists I follow" - Michael Logen

"Laura has gone above and beyond on all the projects that she has worked on with me. She has taken the time with each piece, done extensive amounts of work, and always comes back with incredible work. She works quickly and never wastes a second that we work together. Above all, she is really kind, easy to work with, and shows that she cares deeply about the work that she does. I'm proud to have crossed paths with her and now have a professional relationship with her. Anyone who has the chance to work with Laura should consider themselves lucky to have such a caring, professional individual in their corner" - Zac Hart

“We worked with Laura when we launched The British Country Music Festival. Her knowledge and love of the country music scene is evident and extensive and she has great contacts in the industry. We found Laura easy to work with, she responded to the brief and provided our website with month-by-month updates on the latest news in our inaugural year, which was of huge support to the festival” - Marina Blore, The British Country Music Festival

"Laura has done a write-up for me following two of my releases. I found her on social media through her brand Music and Tour News and was instantly pulled in by engaging graphics and thumbnail designs. When I reached out, Laura was fast to respond, asked excellent, well-thought-out questions, and was overall fun and easy to work with. The result was a well-crafted review of my music that really helped to engage the audience and promote my song. I think I actually utilized one of her quotes later in my bio and on my webpage" - Krystal King

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